Saint Nicholas Foundation ✅

About us

We are a nonprofit organization that aims to provide financial assistance to people who want to graduate and be equipped with knowledge which they can use to help their families and their community. These people can also use the learning that they acquire to develop new processes, discover new worlds, and create new structures that can help build the economy and the country.

Who we are

This foundation was created in 2008 when a group of business owners met in a convention. They all wanted to be part of something big- not for themselves- but for ordinary people. They discussed different sectors of society that they can reach out and give help.

After much debate, they arrived at the perfect conclusion. They saw the opportunity to improve society by giving a chance for all people in dire need of financial aid to get formal education through enrolment and graduation on the degrees and courses available.

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What we offer

We offer scholarships for those who cannot pay for their education on their own. We have numerous partners from both private and public institutions to assist us in financing our students.

If you are interested in building an organization and do the same programs that we have in this foundation, we also provide pieces of training or seminars that can help you get a good startup.