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Non-Profit Organizations: How to Spark the Art of Giving

In a time such as this, we need people who have a heart for others. According to studies, 6 out of 10 women and children in the world cannot afford to go to school. 7 out of 10 children in the world are malnourished and are dying of hunger as we speak. Big nations should lend a helping hand to impoverished countries to help families and individuals like us get a better living. It is so timely that we need to spark the art of giving through the hearts of people are capable of helping.


Creating a Community of Selflessness

We’ve heard a lot of non-profit organizations doing amazing cause. They have helped a countless number of families who were able to turn around their future to a brighter one. Without the unity of the members of the organization, none of these things would happen. To spark the art of giving, we have to create a community of selflessness. We’ve seen small non-profit organizations in Las Vegas who are continuously gaining more volunteers. It is not because they have rich resources but they have a wealthy heart.

Show Your Genuine Intention

helpIt starts with a genuine intention. Show the people your cause and what drove you to step up and do something. A genuine intention is what people need to see. We may be living in a world where there is full of deception, but as long as there are people like us, who are willing to make a change, we have hope. No politics, no selfish gains, no pretensions, just a genuine heart to help.

Start Today

Spark of giving doesn’t have to happen in non-profit organizations. It can happen anywhere. Giving and helping someone creates a ripple effect. When you saw a person got error fares, you can offer some help, or if you see a homeless man shivering in the cold, give him a blanket. If we could show the world that we exist, it will spark a ray of hope. And that’s all we need to get started. When we learn how to be selflessness, giving is inevitable.