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What to Know as a Foreign Student Studying in the Netherlands

It is fun to study in other countries. You have a new environment to explore, language to study, and people to know. But it is quite difficult to do what you want to do in a country that is foreign to you.

Studying in the Netherlands can be quite exciting. You have all heard about people enjoying their Amsterdam holidays and going to Amsterdam canal tours. Here are tips that you can do while studying in the Netherlands:

Know where the Amsterdam bike rental is

To get around most the Netherlands area, you would need a bicycle. This country is composed of grass, parks, and small roads. You can take a tour of Amsterdam and go to your school by riding a bike. It saves you time, gives you a lot of exercises, and helps you go easily from one place to the next.

If you can purchase a bike on your own, then it would be great. For those who live in an apartment, you can buy foldable bikes to make commutes hassle-free. But since you are still making your way in the Netherlands, your only option is to rent a bike. Look for the cheapest ones available near your area. You can also ask schoolmates about the best bike rental that you can go to.

Make an effort to learn the language but do not be afraid to speak English either

As a foreign student in a country that is not your own, it is basic knowledge that you need to study the language of the country. It will make communication easier and faster. You can talk to locals better if you speak their language.

But as you start learning their language, you should not be scared of getting lost in the city because many Dutch speak English very well. They would be conversing with you in this language if they recognize that you cannot talk in Dutch.

Find a place to stay

Most Dutch universities do not have accommodations for their students inside their vicinity. You have to find a place to stay on your own. It can be an apartment, a house, or a private room in somebody else’s home.

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