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Where can you go for your Amsterdam Field Trip?

The Netherlands offers a lot of places to visit. You have various options that you can choose from. It really depends on the purpose of your field trip and the topic that you want to learn about. By identifying the main reason for going on specific field trips, you can easily select the place that you need to go.

Planning your trip is very important especially if you are visiting from another country you need to check what the max visits days or how long you can stay in Amsterdam. You need to check different sites and web master reviews to know the best places to go based on your field trip agenda. This will also make sure that your field trip cost is within the budget. Doing research is one of the best thing to do in order to prepare for your field trip, because you will be traveling with a big group.


If you are looking for museums for your field trips, you may want to consider the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank House, and the Stedelijk Museum.

The Van Gogh Museum contains all the popular paintings and arts created by the famous Vincent Van Gogh and his other contemporaries. You can find this museum in Museum Square.


If you are interested in the national history of the city, you may want to do a field trip inside the Rijksmuseum. This museum houses various items related to arts, history, and crafts. It has one of the largest collection of paintings from different popular painters in the Dutch Golden Age.

The Anne Frank House can give you a glimpse of how Anne Frank lived during World War II. It has all the biographical history of this well-known writer. She gained fame long after her death when her diary was published. This diary entitled “The Diary of a Young Girl” shows her experiences during the war.

For those who want to see contemporary art, you must set your field trip at the Stedelijk Museum. Same as the Van Gogh Museum, it is located in the Museum Square.

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The long history of the canals in Amsterdam can be a good topic for your field trip. Amsterdam itself was named after the dam that surrounds the river Amstel. Often charmingly called the “Venice of the North, Amsterdam is a nice place to look at canals and bridges. You can actually get Amsterdam city tour packages that can show you both the popular places inside the city as well as the canals and bridges that connect them.

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